Behind the Scenes II : Untamed Voices
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Untamed Voices
If you listen... they will speak

Behind the Scenes II

by Debbie McGillivray & Sue Steffens on 09/04/12

When we visited the different sanctuaries, we toured the facility with the owners and were introduced to many of the animals there.   The premise behind the book was to allow the animals to have a voice on a larger scale to touch many people and hopefully many lives.   Some animals were very eager to communicate and their messages streamed through beautifully.   When information comes through this way, I am merely a channel trying to get the words and messages down on paper as fast as I can.   Most of the time, I have no concept of what they told me until I go back and read my notes.  This is a great example of channeling information from the animals.  Of course some of the animals, just love to have an audience and want to chat about all sorts of things.   This can be delightful in many ways, and I relish the time with many of them when the energy we exchange back and forth is understood and responded to.   This is like actually having a conversation with the animals, except much of what is said is silent or telepathic.    

Some of the animals are reserved and do not open up right away.  Sometimes after I have sat with them for a bit, and they feel comfortable with my energy, they will begin to answer my questions.    Just like people, there are those that are outgoing and outspoken and those that are more reserved and cautious.    By shifting my energy accordingly, I can help the animals to feel more comfortable in sharing their thoughts with us.

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