Behind the scenes on the making of the book. : Untamed Voices
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Untamed Voices
If you listen... they will speak

Behind the scenes on the making of the book.

by Debbie McGillivray & Sue Steffens on 08/18/12

Many of you have been curious as to how this book came about and where we traveled to communicate with some of the amazing animals featured in the book, Untamed Voices. 

I have been an animal communicator for over 15 years and am always amazed at the scope of information the animals can sense.  Some of them convey to me their impression of us, laughing at the way we walk and what we wear.  Others are very opinionated and are very specific about what they want and need.   Some of the animals also warn us as to future events and even illness within our bodies.  It never ceases to amaze me what they communicate and how correct they are.   They know things about us and the earth that we somehow don't pick up, yet they are so accurate.  How do they know these thing?   

First off, animals have a heightened awareness when it comes to energy.   They can see it and read it.  In the book, Harley the Bobcat states "I am particularly in tune to the cascading swirls of energy that present themselves".  AnnaBelle, the Tiger comments "stress looks like polluted air floating around a person's energy.  It is stagnant, heavy and dark."   Given this heightened sense of awareness animals are privy to things that many humans miss.    In the book many of the animals warn us as to upcoming earth changes and energy shifts.   

I worked with Sue for many years, communicating with the many animals in her care at Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain.  Benny, the black leopard, always leaves me speachless and like a giggling school girl around her idol.   He orchestrated much of this book, heckling us when we were stalling, telling us who to talk to, and where to go.   He is like a George Clooney in a cat body, who I am to say no!  We did as he asked, and the concept for the book was manifested.   Sue and I both feel the animals have alot to say and have witnessed it first hand, the book allows them to get their messages heard. 

Sue and I started working with the animals at the preserve, many who are "master teachers" and "old souls."   We also traveled to other sanctuaries to broaden our research.  Some of the places we visited in the making of this book, were Octagon Wildlife Refuge in Punta Gorda Florida, Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Palm Harbor Florida, Joshua's Haven in Plant City Florida and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary to name a few.    

More to come.....


Comments (4)

1. peter corcillo said on 8/18/12 - 07:48AM
This book sounds amazing,i cant wait to read it.
2. peter corcillo said on 8/18/12 - 07:49AM
This book sounds amazing,i cant wait to read it.
3. Susan Steffens said on 8/18/12 - 08:01AM
Debbie and I both agreed that the preserve would be the backdrop for what we already knew would at least be a series of 3 books, if not more, but that it was important to speak with other animals and make sure their voices are also heard. So for the first book we visited some other facilities that provide last stop home for animals in need. In each book we will visit different kinds of facilities. In the next book we plan to visit reputable breeding facilities and rehabilitation centers as well as communicating with dolphins. (We hope to plan a workshop to Bimini to swim with wild dolphins).
4. Andrea Calkins said on 8/21/12 - 05:52PM
I volunteer at the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Punta Gorda and we are all looking forward to the book. Thank you for featuring us.

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